Imagine a woman who can hardly walk or talk due to Lou Gehrig’s Disease holding a room spellbound with her boundless ebullience about life and her insistence on love and compassion. That's the gift of Mariah Fenton Gladis  — by facing her own death straight on and tapping into the healing life force that exists in all of us, she has become a deep and abiding inspiration for others.

Tales of a Wounded Healer is a book about miracles, hope, redemption, and healing. It teaches how the power of love, compassion, personal awareness and developed contact skills can change the world, one moment at a time. Its mission is to educate, enlighten and pass on a belief in the infinite possibilities for an individuals healing. It shows that each story of transformation can serve as the center of a ripple effect on the family, neighborhood, and the emerging global community. It is essentially a book of inspiration.

Tales of a Wounded Healer begins by revealing the personal 25-year odyssey of renowned psychotherapist Mariah Fenton Gladis through her diagnosis and subsequent life with ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. In 1981, Mariah was given a 10% chance to live two years. That diagnosis catapulted her to envision and develop a new method of psychotherapy that dramatically facilitates healing and change.

Mariah turns her former approach inside out by moving from encouraging people to cope with their lot in life, to empowering them to understand and provide for the compelling force and potential of their own personal needs. The book shows that when met with respect, love, compassion and generosity of spirit, human needs, though often misunderstood, can actually arm the individual with the capacity to transform their lives and contribute to the healing of others. In short, human need lies at the heart of potential change. It is the seed waiting for water.

The book presents strong theoretical instruction for the concept of "creating exact moments of healing;" moments grounded in awareness that precisely respond to and provide for the emergent need of an individual, family or community. These are the moments that produce substantial shifts in a person's worldview, character, and capacity to create meaningful contact with themselves, others and their environment. Each exact moment of healing helps complete the “unfinished business” (issues or relationships needing attention and resolution) of each individual by countering any negative moments that lie at the root of his or her dysfunction.  These very moments are the ones that make us whole again.

Tales of a Wounded Healer presents true stories of people who have changed their lives through this profound work and describes the seminal moments that shaped their transformation. Each story focuses on specific moments of healing in detail and illustrates such themes as the healing power of a loving relationship with the body, recovery from post traumatic stress syndrome, the importance of receptivity in healthy human functioning, the impact of a terminal diagnosis, the need for supportive community, mending fractured families, creating self-esteem and empowerment, manifesting life fulfilling dreams, development of a compassionate relationship with self and others, and recovery from sexual abuse and trauma. Throughout the book, the author addresses the reader in an attempt to inspire and educate and make the chapters applicable to the readers’ lives.

Creating exact moments of healing is a simple, yet profound formula. Knowledge of how to mend emotional damage should not be reserved to professionals but must become disseminated into the general population. There is a vital need now for healthy people who know how to create and maintain productive and harmonious relationships in their families, their community and the world.

Never has their been a time in history when the need for human understanding and forgiveness has been so critically important. Our very survival depends on people grasping the need to interrupt polarization and equip themselves with healthy contact skills and a wholehearted concern for the wellbeing of all people. Tales of a Wounded Healer is designed to meet this need by increasing the reader’s personal awareness, teaching the mechanics of healthy contact, and instilling the human capacity to bring about change through the vitality of a loving heart.