“What T. S. Eliot says about the archetypal Wounded Healer is true of Mariah Fenton Gladis: ‘Beneath the bleeding hands we feel, the sharp compassion of the healer’s art.’  Every page of this book testifies to a compassion that is sharp because the author’s mental vigor is keen, penetrating and discerning. But beyond that, the reader will feel embraced by the only healing force there is: Love.”

Brother David Steindl-Rast
Author of
Gratefulness, the Heart of Prayer

“This book is a extraordinary window into a singularly remarkable therapist. Mariah has a great deal to teach--about living and about loving. This book will inspire and help you in the most important parts of life.”

Ken Duckworth, MD
Medical Director
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

“Tales of a Wounded Healer is a dynamic, poetic and instructive book, of interest to mental health clinicians and non-clinicians alike. Many of the life stories, including those of the author, are inspiring and moving. Mariah Fenton Gladis, a truly unique and creative Gestalt psychotherapist, successfully has translated her own personal and professional history into a highly accessible manual for healing and change.”

 Paula S. Rosen, MSS, Ph.D.
Counseling and Psychological Services
Swarthmore College

 “ Reading Mariah’s book is like eating my favorite food.”

Dr. Marjory Levitt
Psychologist and Co-Author of Sibling Revelry

“To the fortunate reader, this book is an inspiring deconstruction of some of your own ideas, a transformational learning experience, and a personal treat. Enjoy!”

Gordon Wheeler, PhD
President, Esalen Institute

“Mariah’s writings are filled with wisdom and clarity.  Interspersed through her many fascinating stories are deeply personal insights into the dynamics of healing from traumatic experiences.  She is clearly a master at creating what she calls 'exact moments of healing.’”

Mark Nathanial Mead, Msc
Health Educator & Writer

“The spirit and power of Mariah's work shine through the pages of this long awaited book. She is an archetypal wounded healer. As she walks thru the hell realms of her illness, her giant heart grows deeper and more giving. An inspiration.”

Robert Blackburn Knight
Author of A Man's Recovery from Traumatic Childhood Abuse

“It's instructive not to "read" this book, but to inhale it as it is the breath of human existence with all its sorrow and joy.  The Prologue must be framed, mounted, and used for morning meditation every day.”

Alan Schwartz, Ph.D.
Author of Life Force: Death Force

“In this inspirational book, Mariah artfully shows us how to transform painful life experiences to positive healing memories. She teaches us how to create exact moments of healing through the force of love, courage, gratitude and the power of faith and will, and sensitively hands us a compass—a compass for releasing past traumas, expanding personal awareness and finding a path to living a rich, healthy, connected and fulfilled life.”

Gary Leo
National ALS Association

“Mariah is uniquely able to work as a therapist with clear command of a highly disciplined practice while remaining utterly in touch with her own vulnerability. In this way she is more than a healer: she provides a model for self- healing. Her courage to face the gradual unraveling of control within her own body has been matched with an iron focus on what needs to be done for herself, her friends and family and, without fail, for her clients and students.

Mariah has watched me like a vigilant guardian focused on my wellness as I emerged from a kind of foggy depression, reconnected with myself and my family and found the successful vocation I never would have dared to pursue. I am utterly grateful and know that this book can provide both inspiration and guidance for anyone who is ready to go on their own miraculous journey of healing.”

G. Benjamin Bingham
Managing Director,
Benchmark Asset Managers

“I was very moved by this personal account from a very gifted healer and therapist. On reading it, I found that my own memories of  “exact moments of healing” in her workshops became alive in me again. Her heroic struggles against the misfortunes of her own life serve as a continuing source of inspiration.”

Robert Shapiro, PhD
Professor Emeritus and Senior Research Scientist
Department of Chemistry, New York University

“In Tales of a Wounded Healer, Mariah opens our hearts and gives us tools to navigate life with awareness and compassion. Recently, a diagnosis of breast cancer brought me to my knees. Through it all, Mariah's wisdom and insight helped me stay in the present and live my life fully. She’s taught me that the only thing I’m really sure of is that this moment exists now and only now, and that I am the artist of every day, hour, minute, second.”

Benita Karroll
Moondance Events and Entertainment